About Us

My name is Felicia Hobdy  I am the Founder/Owner of Doll2Dollz and I Sell Post operation supplies for Men and Women, Including clothes and other attire that you  can wear after you are healed. We have something for each stage of your Journey. I thought about starting my own store to help make it easier and a little cheaper for Men and Women who had surgery find what they need. I figured you should be able to find everything in one spot something that is especially for what you need. Because with just going through the process of having cosmetic surgery and all the things about it is stressful enough so I thought about making it easier for you, creating a place where you can buy an array of different things from the comfort of your  homes, even while healing you can come to Doll2Dollz and you may be 2 weeks or a year post op and buy something to wear. There is no discrimination there is something for everyone even if you didn't have surgery.